Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy in Aylesbury

Cupping therapy is an age-old therapeutic technique usually paired with other forms of treatment. Cupping therapy uses numerous suction cups in varying sizes along with a suction gun. The treatment procedure at our Cupping Therapy in Aylesbury clinic uses the same method.

The process of cupping therapy starts with the therapist placing the suction cup ( or suction cups, based on the treatment plan ) over the skin on the desired treatment area. The therapist would then create a vacuum inside the suction cup using a suction gun.

How does it work?

Cupping therapy utilizes the natural healing power of the body coupled with the effect of deep tissue massage. The vacuum in the suction cup pulls the skin up. This, in turn, helps move the tight layer of tissues letting the build-up pressure vent out and relieve tension.

How does it work?

Tiny blood vessels in the target region rupture due to the negative pressure inside the suction cup. The human body registers these tiny ruptures as an injury and sends more blood to the targeted area, starting the natural healing process.

A deep tissue massage:

Cupping also excites the skin and muscle tissues under the target area. Sliding the suction cup over the skin imitates the effects of a soft massage over deep tissues. Cupping is part of massage therapy in many parts of the world.

Remove toxins and relieve tension:

Cupping helps relieve tension in various parts of the body by removing the toxins naturally accumulating in our body over a period of time

What is cupping therapy used to treat?

Cupping therapy is commonly used by physiotherapists paired with other treatment plans to relieve pain and tension in the body. The massage therapists also use them along with other techniques, considering it to be a form of deep tissue massage procedure.

Cupping therapy treatment at our Cupping Therapy in Aylesbury clinic can also be used for treating:

  • Neck-back-shoulder-knee pain

  • Migraine

  • Arthritis

Cupping Therapy Near Me

Is cupping therapy effective?

Cupping is effective in the form of massage therapy. Cupping therapy makes use of the human body’s natural healing abilities. It mainly uses two known healing techniques incorporated by the human body.

Below mentioned theories can be seen utilized to relieve pain and tension by using the cupping therapy services at our Cupping Therapy in Aylesbury clinic.

  • Pain-Gate Theory: Spinal cord acts as a gateway for pain sensors connected to the brain. We can confuse the spinal cord by introducing a timid pain or irritation in other parts of the body — masking the actual pain

  • Nitric Oxide theory: Nitric oxide promotes the healing of wounds in our body. By stimulating the production of natural healing elements our body goes extra protection from external or internal threats.

  • Immune system activation theory: Activating the natural immune system in our body using cupping therapy, boosts our immune system which helps us fight against domestic and foreign invaders inside our body.

  • Blood detoxification theory: Toxins accumulate inside our body over the course of our lifetime. Although most of the toxins are removed using our lungs and excretion system, some can be left behind. These toxins can cause the muscles to tighten and restrict movement in joints.

Benefits of cupping therapy

  1. Increase blood circulation in targeted areas
  2. Activate the immune system with localized artificial inflammation
  3. Use false and timid pain signals to decrease perceived pain
  4. Reduce muscle tightness and improve elasticity
  5. Remove toxins accumulated in your body
  6. Reduce muscle spasms and relieve tension
  7. A passive massage technique
  8. Reduce Stress and relax
  9. Boost natural immunity

Are There Any Risks

Cupping therapy is usually safe and a passive form of deep tissue massage. It can be practiced generally as a means to relax the muscles and tissues with little effort compared to normal massage techniques. Type in Cupping Therapy Near Me to know about our clinic.

Cupping Therapy Near Me

However, cupping therapy is not suitable for children or pregnant women. It’s also ill-advised for people suffering from

  1. Heart conditions
  2. Blood disorder or blood clotting problems
  3. Skin disorder
  4. Stroke and seizures

Why Choose Us

We at Physio Healing Hands have reinvented the ancient healing techniques. Physio Healing Hands puts utmost care on the patient’s health. Cupping therapy is best and most effective when coupled with other pain relieving treatment plans. Get in touch with our representatives at Cupping Therapy in Aylesbury clinic to find a treatment plan that suits your health conditions.