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Rheumatology can be defined as a branch of medicine that is primarily devoted to the therapy and diagnosis of rheumatic diseases. It is crucial to note that rheumatic diseases affect the connective tissues, vascular system, autoimmune system, joints, and soft tissues.If you want to know more about this, it is best to get in touch with Physio Healing Hands, as we specialize in pain relief treatment in Aylesbury. 

Some of the commonly reported rheumatic diseases are gout and pseudogout, osteoarthritis, inflammatory myositis, Reiter’s syndrome, fibromyalgia, and scleroderma. Rheumatological diseases are conditions that affect the joints and muscles of the human body.

Many rheumatic diseases can be treated with non-surgical methods such as exercise, use of assistive devices, weight loss medications surgeries, which are aimed at relieving pain.If you or anyone you know is suffering from severe pain, it would be best to consider a pain relief treatment in Aylesbury. 

To diagnose a rheumatic disease, it is important to understand what may have triggered it as well as which organs are involved. After identifying this, we will be able to come up with an ideal and effective treatment that suits you. The tests that are performed during the initial visit of the patient to our clinic include urine test, blood test, and chest X-ray.

Chronic/Neuropathic pain Management

Individuals who are suffering from long-standing or persistent pain and the ones who haven’t responded to previous treatment procedures should consider seeking the help of a pain clinic aylesbury. Consulting with a physiotherapist is a smart idea, as the physiotherapist will suggest coping strategies, which will help you improve the quality of your life. If you are wondering how to get started, then contact us to know more on pain relief treatment in Aylesbury.        

It is crucial to understand that chronic pain can be persistent and recurring. This means that it will have a huge impact on your life. Chronic pain might be due to tissue damage that happened during inflammation or injury. If you are suffering from chronic pain, get in touch with a pain clinic Aylesbury.                

The pain you are feeling will be still present even after the tissues have been healed. Individuals who are suffering from Chronic Pain might not be able to enjoy the activities they love. As a result, they might feel sad and depressed, as they are not independent anymore.

What to Expect

A thorough and detailed physiotherapy assessment of the patient will be carried out during the initial consultation. This enables us to understand the needs of the patient. After analyzing the condition of the patient, we will come up with a suitable Pain Relief Treatment in Aylesbury.    

It is true that chronic pain can be a serious and complex issue. This is why our team consists of physiotherapists who have undergone training in laser therapy and acupuncture. This enables us to guarantee our patients that they get the best possible treatment in the country.                        

The physiotherapist at Physio Healing Hands will give you a clear idea on how your treatment works. In addition to that, they will properly educate patients on how they can manage their conditions, reduce emotional distress. They will also clean unwanted misconceptions and myths related to chronic pain. 

Our Physiotherapist may advise you to undergo stretching, aerobic, general strengthening, and other exercises based on your health condition. You will be encouraged to do the activities you love by setting goals that are easily achievable. 

Why Us

We at healing hands ensure fast access for patients to private treatment, usually within 24 hours. Our approach is to reduce pain and work on strength, which will help the patient to recover faster. The combination of Acupuncture and Laser treatment that we use makes us a unique and ideal choice when it comes to treating Chronic pain. Here are a few more reasons that will explain why you should choose pain relief treatment in Aylesbury,

  • Immediate appointments, no waiting.
  • detailed assessment and treatment start on the same day of assessment.
  • Modern K laser treatment
  • Affordable price and special packages available

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