Functional Electrical Stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Aylesbury

Functional Electrical Stimulation ( FES ) helps recover the function of muscles by stimulating electrical signals to nerves connected with the desired inactive or weak muscles.

Muscles run throughout our bodies. It might not feel like we use every muscle in our body. But most of the muscles work in tandem with other muscles for overall smooth function and fluidic mobility.

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FES makes the use of two electrodes, placed over the skin. One electrode is attached to the nerves connected to the muscle, while the other electrode is put over the desired muscle.

The electrical impulse mimics the natural electrical impulses usually occurring in our body. These electrical impulses rejuvenate the inactive or weakened muscles.

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Who Needs FES?

For FES to work, the nerve ending associated with desired activity should not be damaged. The muscles need to have a certain degree of function and mobility for FES to be an effective treatment plan. You can learn more about this by getting in touch with our Functional Electric Stimulation Aylesbury clinic.

Some common conditions under which FES works are as follows.

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Spinal Cord Damage

Our brain consists of a network of nerve fibers extended from neurons. Damage to the brain cause irregularity in electrical impulses. Electrical impulses can be considered as data packets, and we use the nerves to communicate and share data between different parts of the brain.

In case of brain damage or injury, there is a possibility for the irregular firing of electrical signals in the brain. Depending on the affected region of the brain, these irregular electrical impulses can disrupt function and range of motion in various parts of our body. FES can help with introducing an external electrical signal which facilitates the normal working condition in our body. Some brain nerve damage conditions include…

Brain Damage

The muscles in our body are connected to the spinal cord. Damage or injury to the spinal cord can cause an irregularity in the electrical signals coming from the spinal cord. This can affect function and mobility associated with respective muscles.

Some spinal cord nerve damage conditions include

It would be ideal to consult one of the professionals at Functional Electric Stimulation Aylesbury clinic and undergo a complete medical evaluation to choose a treatment plan favoring your health recovery.

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How does FES help overcome disabilities?

Disabilities that arise due to irregularity in electrical signals connecting the nerves and the muscles can be overcome using an effective FES treatment plan.

Let us consider the situation in which a patient is affected by Foot Drop. Foot drop is a condition that arises due to irregularity in electrical impulses connecting the knee and the spinal cord.

Electrical signals which pass through the knee muscles from the spinal cord helps us to lift and align our foot. We would not be able to bend our foot with respect to the ground in case the electrical impulses are not in tandem with the muscles. FES can be used in such conditions

FES is a common and effective treatment plan for those affected by Foot Drop. Electrodes are placed under the knee with a control unit secured around the thigh. Gait movement can excite the control unit to pass electrical signals in the knee which facilitate electrical impulses for normal walking conditions.

In effect, FES provides nerve stimulation that helps you lift and swing your foot. The FES unit turns off the moment your foot touches the ground. Timing is crucial when choosing an FES device or treatment plan.

There is also a learning curve associated with the patient under the FES treatment plan. The patient needs to familiarize with the FES treatment provided, which benefits the patient in the long run.

Benefits of FES

Which FES Treatment should you follow?

Each patient is unique, each medical condition is unique. If you are looking for an FES treatment plan, get in contact with our health representatives or visit our nearest clinic. Consult with our health professionals to evaluate and assess the FES treatment plan associated with your medical conditions. It is best to consult with our Functional Electric Stimulation Aylesbury clinic to know more.